Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Voice Thread Stories

Ok, so my principal showed off some fancy stuff this morning at our faculty meeting. It is This is an awesome tool to capture pictures and then "comment" or add voice over each one. My principal used this strategy to share/read our book of the month with us.
Well, immediatley I knew I wanted my students to use this more than myself. Luckily I had my camera, so I got right to work recruiting my "guinea pigs." Luke and Johnna were quick and excited to get on top of their "projects" and so was I!
What we did:
1- Each of them took one of their published narratives and created detailed illustrations, as if they were going to turn it into a picture book.
2- They made sure to star within their stories where each picture/page began.
3- They also created a cover.(You'll notice Johnna had to be extra "demanding" :) and get my photo on the cover- since I am the "star!")
4- I took pictures of each illustration and of each child.
5- I then followed the directions allowing the children to do the narration and BEHOLD...............................

Want a Full Screen Version? Click Here

Want a Full Screen Version? Click Here

The amazing part of this project was:
1- excited students because it is loads of fun
2- having kids working on reading with voice
3- learning that sometimes authors have to "revise" even with voice
4- watching them realize corrections/improvements to the writing that should be made for the reader (or in this case the listener)

I think we are all thrilled to see their already amazing work come to life!

By the way, parents can easily help their child set up an account with voice thread and get them making their own stories at home as well! What fun!


dayle said...

Luke and Johnna, Your stories are AMAZING! How neat to hear your voice with your pictures.

Mrs. Young, It seems to me that a teacher who has such knowledge of technology might load in some pictures of her Africa experience and use her own voice to tell the story so that it might be added to her Pixie Pointer! What do ya think?!! dayle timmons

rowena said...

Hi, nice site you got here. Just checking an email from Luke's mom. Great work! Btw, Luke is my nephew.

Anonymous said...

Awesome use of technology. I love hearing the children's voices and seeing their beautiful illustrations. Thank you, Ms. Young, for taking the time with the children to share your talents and introduce them to a unique presentation of their creativity which ultimately gets them excited about the language arts and technology.