Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cool Website for Spelling Studying Help!!

So I've just learned of this great new website: This site will be an incredible tool for helping your child study his/her spelling words. Students can add their own words, or the teacher can enter them and allow the students to access them. I have created an account and have even entered this week's words on the long U patterns -ue and -ew (even though our test is tomorrow).

The following are some of the supports the site offers:
- reads the words to the child
- reads a sentence with the word to the child
- tests the child (calls out the words and the child types them)
- offers 3 different games using the words
- will print the lists for the child

What an awesome site and it's all free! So get your child on the web and get them studying their words in a unique and fun way!!

(By the way to access my lists, just chose "FInd Your List" and then type in my name: Beth Young.)

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