Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing Lesson: Showing Emotion

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Mary Rivera said...

Thank you for helping me work. It was fun. Love, Elias

Hi there- Elias and I watched the video together and we both learned alot.He loved seeing himself on the computer! I will continue to work with him this summer with his writing skills and my husband says he will do one FCAT story every night and started tonight! So, we are all in on the game plan. We already made a comic strip but I inadvertently erased it before I could print it out. That's a great website.

When we were watching the video and you clarified what the children needed to be doing, he said, "That really helped. That's when I got it". So thank you so much for adding this lesson to your blog. We are so lucky to have tech-savvy teacher who is so dedicated to her students. You and Ms. Russell make a great team.