Monday, August 20, 2007

The First Day!!

Today was a fantastic day in Second Grade! We saw a magic show, jumped in the bounce house, read some of Miss Young's favorite books, ate a wonderful treat made by Katelynn and her mom, got to know more about our classmates, made a second grade wish and even did some math with Miss Russell!
Miss Russell and I have already decided that this group of students is probably the BEST class we have ever had! We are so pleased with all our new friends!
Math diagnostics will begin tomorrow and Miss Young will do a short lesson on reading with fluency by paying attention to punctuation. We also plan to set up our folders for each of our subjects, including homework. Small homework assignments will be sent home the rest of this week. More "regular" assignments will begin next week.
Please help your studnet, even on this first night, to begin reading the planner carefully with you and completing the tasks inside it. Today the children each picked 5 books and put them in a big bag. Their homework tonight is to read those books. If they finish them, then they should read them again! and again! and again!!

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Bryce Johnson said...

Miss Young and Miss Russell,
I had a good day! Thank you. See you tomorrow.