Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tomorrow's the BIG Day!!

Well, Friday's orientation was fabulous. I was so excited to meet all our new students and their parents. I can already tell we have the most excellent group ever! (Oh, and they are sooooo much smaller than the 3rd and 4th graders we are used to! :) )I can't wait to see what BIG things we will achieve together.
So, school starts tomorrow and although I will miss the summer break, we are ready for our students to return. Tomorrow there will be two surprises for the students from Fairygodmother Phillips. We are sure to have a blast!
Parents make sure that beginning tomorrow you start checking/signing the planner nightly and teach your child to use the planner responibly as a checklist and communication tool. Please do not forget to use the website as a valuable tool and this blog as well. The Tuesday Take-Home Folder will be sent home tomorrow with papers to read inside. You should expect to see this important communication tool every week as well.
Remember this is the year to start stepping away from the plate and begin taking on more of a coaching role in your child's school life. Miss Russell and I expect each child to "put his/her best foot forward" at all times. We WON'T settle for ANYthing less than his/her best!
Dream Big to Achieve Big!

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